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Phonetic keyboard layout for Windows Vista, XP and 2003 Server

The new version of Windows Vista comes with predefined phonetic keyboard layout. The layout is made according to a standard, developed by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Unfortunately this standard has some serious differences from the traditional layout and many people find it uncomfortable.

Our phonetic keyboard layout is developed by the common accepted standards. You can use it together with Windows Vista or separately.

Фонетична подредба на кирилица

The setup file was created according to the Microsoft standards for generating of additional keyboard layouts and does not replace any system files nor installs any executable files. It’s compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista (32bit and 64bit), XP (32bit and 64bit), and 2003 Server (Standard, Web, Enterprise, 32bit and 64bit).

After the setup the layout will be activated automatically and you can use it immediately. You can remove it from the Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs or by starting the installation file again.

EXE Download as executable file [phonetic_vista_xp.exe]
ZIP Download as ZIP archive []


OneKey LC

When you use Microsoft Windows XP you could use our convenient tool for changing the active language with just one key. Download and install OneKey LC and you can use Control or other preferred key for changing the input languages.

This software is designed especially for Windows XP and can not work with earlier or newer versions of Windows. The parallel usage with software for switching of languages (as Datecs Flex Type and other) may lead to conflict between them.

EXE Download as executable file[One-KeySetup.exe]
ZIP Download as ZIP archive[]


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