Call us


Initial conversation

Contact us over phone or email. We will give you brief information about our company and the services we offer.


If you are interested in our services we could arrange a short appointment. So we could discuss in more details your needs and which services would be the best solution for the growth of your business.


After we have detailed information about your needs and requirements we will offer you the most appropriate service.


In the contract is detailed description of all services which will be provided and information about the terms of reaction and other conditions. We don’t have requirements about the minimal term of the contract. We don’t want you to work with us not because the contract expires in a year, but because you are satisfied from our services.

Initial check

After we start to work together the first step is to do full check of your computer system and to evaluate its current status. Then we will prepare detailed report for you with recommendations for optimization and improvements, detailed description of all current problems and other useful information.

Initial optimization

After discussion of our recommendations and setting of the priorities we will start with the initial optimization of your computer system. We will solve all existing problems and make all the necessary changes so that you can get the best of your computers.


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