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Our computer support packages include all needed elements for optimization of the performance of your computers, so that you can take the maximum of them.


The regular defragmentation is part from our subscription packages. The defragmentation arranges the files on the hard disk,so that they can be reached more quickly. This will speed up the work of the computer and you will open your documents faster.

Check of the disks for errors

Our packages include the regular monthly check of the disk for errors of the file system. This helps to minimize the risk from serious damage of the file system, which may bring to potential lost of data, damage of files and lost of the disk space.

Standard software installation

We will help you with the installation of all the necessary software for your work. All programs that we recommend for improvement of your security or optimization of your work are tested by us in advanced in order to avoid the risk for installing an unsuitable products that may make your system unstable.

Update of the software and the operating system

During our monthly visits, we will take care of the check for available updates for the operating systems, the software for virus or spyware protection and all other programs that you use.. We will download and install all the necessary updates, so that you don't have to worry about the security of your computer system


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