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Increase the productivity of your company by providing well designed and implemented computer system, including all components necessary for your optimal performance. We will help you to do this easy and efficient.

Design and building of computer and telephone networks

We can design an appropriate network for your needs, no matter whether your staff is small or big or your people work in the office or are mobile. From the traditional local computer networks to the latest wireless solutions, we will install your network, will perform all needed tests and will teach you how to use it most efficient.

Networking optimization

We will help you organize your documents in the most convenient way for your work. We will set up the corresponding access rights to to shared documents in the network, so that you could use them effective for your team work and be sure, that every one has access only to the data he needs.

Installation and support of file server

The installation of a file server will give you the opportunity to transfer to centralized management of all computers in your office. By centralizing the data bases and the documents you will be able to share and exchange information between the working stations much easier. You will manage the whole business information more effective and you will have the possibility to access that information and all of the resources of the company's network remotely. That will help you active growth of the productivity of your employees, better care for your customers and the confidence that your data is good protected.

Installation and support of mail server

The use of mail server will give you the chance to keep the business mail and contacts on a centralized location so that they can be easily managed, archived, checked for viruses and accessed trough Internet or trough the office network.


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