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Our subscription packages for computer support include everything needed in order to guarantee the security of your network, your computers and your data.

Data backup

Our packages include the installation of automated system for backup of your working documents and email.
During the planned visits that backup will be recorded on separate DVD's.

Interior precautions

Many security problems are result of human mistakes. No matter how good the security policy, it will work in practice only if is understood and carried out by the people it affects.
We will help you to take the appropriate interior precautions in order to support the other security measures.

Antivirus protection

Let us take care for the update of your antivirus software and the regular check of your systems for viruses. We will teach your employees how to avoid viruses and will inform you about the newest versions and the best practices for the protection of your business.

Spyware protection

We will help you to protect your computers from spyware and adware programs, which could be installed on your computer even without your knowledge and delay and disturb your job. We will install all the necessary products for protection from such software and will regularly check for existing spyware and adware programs and will teach you how to protect yourselves from them.

Installation and support of Firewall

Without appropriate precautions the access to the Internet is related to enormous risk for your data and the productivity of your employees. The Firewall is an element from one well designed network, which controls the access outside to local network.


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