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After you have your web site online, you will need to update it regularly so that its content remains interesting and up-to-date. You might need small and easy to make update such as edit of some texts or publication of information for an event organized by your company. But it’s also possible that you will need a whole new section or new functionality, which requires changes throughout the entire site.

Unprofessional update of the web site may unintentionally damage the site. Possible errors are lost or wrong links or errors in the code, that can make the site may vulnerable for hackers or spammers. Unoptimized graphics can lead to slower performance of the site.

Our web support services will protect your site and will help for your best presentation in the Internet. Our services include:

Content editing

-edit of the site contect and add of new materials to the site
-edit and add of images
-update of news, product information ect.
-replace of images, pictures and graphics
-add and deletion of pages from the site
-uploads of files

Optimization of the site

Continuous monitoring and optimization of the site for faster loading and better search engines rating.

Security and protection for your site

Check and update of the code of the feedback forms and forms for inquiries from the site in order to avoid security problems, allowing to misuse your site for sending of SPAM wihout your knowledge.


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